September 2023


Renata Devčić
Head E-commerce Marketing

The Fun of Online Shopping

The Fun of Online Shopping The Fun of Online Shopping The Fun of Online Shopping The Fun of Online Shopping
Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to have the chance to introduce you to the first issue of our online magazine, that will delve into all aspects of the payments industry. We live in a world where online reading is, as well as all things digital, at an all-time high, so what better way to get insights into the news, trends and opportunities in payments than an online magazine?

Our magazine will always consist of feature and industry themes for which we will highlight the countries our clients come from – since the best shared insights are the ones where you have lived experience. That is not to say we will write for and about our clients only! The magazine will be an interesting read for our clients, make no mistake, but we intend it for everyone who is as enthusiastic about the payments industry as we are.

The feature theme of our first issue is online shopping: the habits, consumer preferences and innovative trends of the last few years. We’ve covered some of its biggest segments today, from most favored purchases – clothes and pharmaceuticals – to the ever-growing worlds of online gaming and gambling, as well as the increasingly popular subscription models and the changes they brought to the global online market. We’ve also dived into the world of online streaming and the way digitalisation has (re)shaped newspapers and magazines. While these topics are covered with a view towards/the focus on global consumer trends, we’ve also included a focus on/turned our focus to the European market in particular, based on our recently published Ecommerce report 2022, across Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland), DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Italy.

The industry themes cover some of the most important trends in Ecommerce at the moment. We’ve taken a closer look at the rise of live shopping and its advantages. We’ve examined the influence of AI and the rising importance of sustainability and how they affect current developments in e-commerce. Some of the recent business models in Ecommerce, such as “Buy now, pay later”, have faced challenges in the European regulatory environment, but we have yet to see what the future holds for such new fintech models. As the Ecommerce landscape rapidly changes, it feels more important than ever to stay on top of things.

We very much enjoyed putting this issue together and we hope you enjoy reading it!