Ending your agreement with us

We understand that changes in business needs and circumstances sometimes lead to tough decisions, including the need to terminate agreements. If you’re considering ending your partnership with us, we want to ensure that the process is as smooth and transparent as possible.

Give us a call

To terminate your agreement please give one of our team a call. We need all terminations to be done via phone for a couple of key reasons:

  • For your safety: we will verify your details over the phone to ensure no unauthorized people can make changes on your account.
  • Personal Touch: by speaking with our team, we can ensure all questions are answered and you are aware of any next steps.

What you’ll need on the call

You need to have the following information ready when you call us:

  • Company CVR number​
  • Your Merchant ID (MID) which can be found either on the invoice you receive from us or by logging into our portal.

Please note: we can only accept a termination request form an authorized person on the account.

Contact numbers

You can contact us via the following phone numbers:

  • Denmark (DK): +45 70 20 30 77
  • Sweden (SE): 08-527 525 00
  • Norway (NO): +47 21 55 44 00