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E-commerce Report


This research report provides a comparative overview of Swedish consumers’ online shopping habits, payment preferences, web shop expectations, product demands, and more.


Get tangible figures on the latest e-commerce trends in Sweden

Much has happened in online shopping over the years, but never have there been such major changes – changes that bring considerable advantages to online shops. This 15th edition of the Swedish online shopping report explores how 2021 saw a rapid change in shopping habits. It provides insights into expectations of a seamless shift between physical and digital channels and predicts major investments in omnichannel solutions from retail chains. It details the significant difference in payment method preferences in various countries, for those who sell abroad or who are thinking

This year’s report has revealed that local eCommerce is strong and healthy, and that there are still many opportunities for both new and established stores. With the New Normal, we also see new patterns of behavior and changing landscapes. We cover the changing trends in online payments where a lot has happened in a short time. We also show how over 40 different industries have developed in 2021, and map which foreign countries Swedes shop from the most – and why. If that’s not enough, this factpacked report has much more to offer, with quite a few surprising details you may not have considered.

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